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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 30, 2011, 4:59 PM
Hey there!

Its really hard to keep smiling all day when we see situation going on in our world. Japan is just one of the
things we should focus.
I dont know if you have seen this yet, but prettyhatepictures showed me something really strange and
i dont know what i should think about it. maybe i should laugh. but i am not sure.…

(and what´chya thinkin?)

But theres also the situations that matter in ones personal own life that shouldnt be too much neglected.
In my case i can say: i am really proud of your constant support with my model photowork as blackfantastix.
Its just a little part in my life that helped me a lot finding who i am and forming my character and ,of course, my look today.
I dont live FOR photography and being blackfantastix  and this is the reason i am so proud you like and support me LIKE THIS HEAVY GREAT  anyway.
sometimes its all so crazy to me - haha ^^
But I found a few worthy people i call friends that i never had met if we hadnt worked together. thank you for being in my real
life as well.
What i wanted to say.I have projects to realize in 2011 in front of the camera that you´ll see here. its not as much as in 2009 and 10 but
you wont miss quality as always.
I am happy i rejected some projects with some people  because my senses told me it wont be good for me.  
And i am happy to finally decided to have soon an own blog or an account maybe where i show my make up and hair skills.
I improved but i never was brave enough to show it. Maybe i should go like other great young make up artists doin some videos.
I am gathering ideas. Maybe you have some to share with me.
Sometimes i think how do people have this much time to produce tons of ( mostly great) cool make up, fantasy,hairdo pictures and having a real life (which
according to my knowledge has 24 h a day and people need to sleep and work for money, dont they?) well i havent found the right
time organization method for me as a creative one, model girl, real girl with other interests, worker, friend,daughter etc. i should learn in 2011 ;)
i often neglect my dearest persons around me i think.( if you read it, i hope you know how i am tryin to better myself.)

Now thats all for now i think. I have a good feeling for 2011. for my personal things i mean.

I am tryin g to stay fit and healthy and catching the sun while riding my bike with my friends. etc etc. ask me anything or write me some ideas whenever you  
want to. I just wanted to say thank you to my watchers one more time.
Maybe it was a little too personal but i felt like writing this down.

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Thank you for 1.000.000 Pageviews

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 9, 2010, 10:11 AM

1.000.000 Besucher. Nochmal in Worten: Eine Millionen Besucher!
One million , wow i am so impressed
I am a deviantuser for a few years now, and i must admit , first i wasnt so convinced of this community but i was wrong.
its a great community to share and admire and discuss wonderful forms of art.
I am thankful for every single watcher.
maybe 1/3 of the visitors liked my pictures. this would make me happy.
Thank you for every single comment, critic,compliment and your sweet emails during my down-times ... <3
You made me better than ever.
I did so much this year 2010.
In my job i got so much better and work with great make up artists ,my driving licences,got to know wonderful new people, did my master exams in hairdressing, photoshootings, concerts, travelings and so much more..... and now its almost over again. time runs.

sooo thank you all!

If you want to know something visit me on formspring or just write a note.



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Good Year

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 6, 2010, 2:53 PM


Ask me anything on formspring - be respectful ;O)…



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  • Playing: cross trainer
  • Eating: Creativity * yummy*
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  • Drinking: ch&ouml;&ouml;&ouml;&ouml;rrry coooooooooooaaak
Haha have a look at this…

oh my god , isnt she cute??!!!!!

Something else: Its a thing that really makes me sad. The oil catastrophe in the Golf of Mexico,
nevertheless theres a video that really reflects the behaviour of BP Indusries: They do NOTHING. or too late. Have a watch , have a laugh. but dont forget its damn serious...…

so have a nice week
:) I wish you all happy easter

your happy friseurmeister / master of hairdressing

and maskenbildnerin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a good time :)

I will ... with the playstaion 3 and FF 13 !! *grins*
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Suddenly I know I´m not sleepin...


I´m still here.
All thats left of yesterday.

My, its time to clean up here on DA.Happened much here while i was away.
But I can do too, but tasteful ;)
Thank you very much for your mails, i know what i am worth now.
A personality hard to find. Full of Truth, full of love to give and full of Faith and -unfortunatly - full of sadness.lets start the mission and puzzle my fragments to one brilliant crystal.
Its a long way to go for me, but I am brave enough to hold my head high.
No reason to hide in shadows for a original.
You showed me on more time.Thank you for this.

Get ready :)
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